Ensuring you are connected to the world


DDoS attacks have always been a threat to enterprises who will never disappear from the threat landscape. While many will discount the threat as trivial or the actors as low-level skids, they will quickly discover in the new year that attacks do not have to be complex to be effective. 

The future of the DDoS Threat Landscape  

As bandwidths of interconnects, clouds and internet connections grow, attacks are becoming larger and more impactful. Our businesses and lives (home automation, online streaming, connected cars) are becoming ever more dependent on internet connectivity. Digitalization accelerated during the pandemic, and that means there is more opportunity to impact businesses and people through DoS attacks. Motivated by the success of past ransomware campaigns, there is a good probability to see an increase in ransom DoS attempts in the near future.   (Credits: Radware)

ONESECURE's Managed Anti-DDoS Service

ONESECURE is a key provider of Managed Anti-DDoS Service in the ASEAN region. We work with Top Telecommunications companies in the region to protect hundreds of customers and keep them connected to the world. We work with the best technology partners in the world in achieving that objective and here are some of the key partners of ours.