Keeping your website secure and accurate


Web Applications have become an essential component in today’s business. They are the first
line of contact between customers and the organization, helping maintain proper
communication channels for customer interactions and support.
However, these Web Applications may also dramatically increase the attack surface of the
organization’s online infrastructure as they are accessible 24x7 by anyone with an internet
connection. Additionally, Web Application Security is becoming increasingly challenging
due to the inherent complexity within these Web Applications, further increasing the likelihood
of unattended vulnerabilities and malicious code manipulation, leading to multiple TTPs
attackers can leverage for exploitation.


The Challenge

Cybersecurity teams are constantly overwhelmed with managing an increased number of security devices and experience security overload Most of the time spent is on investigating non-critical alerts, remediating non-critical vulnerabilities, and missing the actual incidents.


The Solution

Our fully-managed Web Application Security Suite protects, logs, and monitors any threats that might have bypassed the security devices. In addition, our eSOC360 team will put in the hours to investigate and address non-critical alerts so that you only get the ones that matter.


Webyith is combines People, Process and Technology to monitor your websites 24x7 ensuring that you get alerted immediately of any potential threats and errors.


An alert is sent to our 24x7 Analysts whom will check for any defacements or errors.

You will be alerted for any critical incidents and our Analysts will perform update to the baseline if the changes detected are legitimate. 


Webyith stores baselines of your websites. When you change your websites, Webyith performs a fetch every 5, 30 or 60 minutes and compares it with the stored baselines.  


Webyith will also perform daily checks to improve your overall security posture.

Daily scans of newly registered domains and alerts you of similar domains.

Daily scans of blacklists to ensure your Website is not being listed.