Security Monitoring

ONESECURE Asia’s expertise and services are built around its mission to provide reliable, robust and scalable technology solutions to cater its customers’ needs. ONESECURE’s solutions enable customers to fully grasp when, where, who, what, and how their data is being processed at every stage of the information cycle. 

At the core of our cyber defense strategy is cybersecurity monitoring. However, existing cybersecurity monitoring offerings are too expensive and aren't providing the customers the needed visibility of their infrastructure. With a combination of existing Cybersecurity solutions and data analytics, we invented a way to bring world class cybersecurity services to customers of all sizes.


Key Features


The Visibility-As-A-Service solution will ensure end-to-end network and application performance visibility in addition to threat monitoring service. It empowers SMEs and start-ups to gain insight into their operations without investing in the creation of an internal security operations centre. With full visibility across network services and application chains, SMEs can make the most efficient use of digital assets to realise business goals and strengthen their competitive positions.

Log Correlation

Correlate logs from multiple sources and any log or event type is supported. Full-text search across trillions of events in split seconds.

Intrusion Detection

Includes Suricate with support for the ET Pro ruleset and IP and Domain Reputation lists or integrate with an existing IDS/IPS solution.

Vulnerability Scanning

Schedule and automate routine vulnerability scans across your entire enterprise.

Alerts and Reporting

Multi-conditional, cross-correlated alarms with customisable actions. Summarise and identify important events

Managed Firewall

Firewall is the gateway to your infrastructure and it requires must be managed properly to prevent unauthorised accesses. Unfortunately, most SME struggle to keep the firewall properly configured and patched which led to costly breaches. Our managed firewall services keep your perimeter secure leaving you to concentrate on the critical business objectives.

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