Technology is at the core of all that we do at Onesecure Asia Pte Ltd. 

Security Monitoring

ONESECURE Asia’s expertise and services are built around its mission to provide reliable, robust and scalable technology solutions to cater its customers’ needs. ONESECURE’s solutions enable customers to fully grasp when, where, who, what, and how their data is being processed at every stage of the information cycle. 

At the core of our cyber defense strategy is cybersecurity monitoring. However, existing cybersecurity monitoring offerings are too expensive and aren't providing the customers the needed visibility of their infrastructure. With a combination of existing Cybersecurity solutions and data analytics and ONESECURE's innovation, we invented a way to bring world class cybersecurity services to customers of all sizes. 

Our Analysts ensure that our solutions are relevant to the current threat landscape and our engineering team keeps the solutions operational 24x7x365.


Key services


Most SMEs are denied a SOC due to either the cost or complexity to build one. ONESECURE's SOC-as-a-service empowers SMEs and start-ups to gain insight into their operations without investing in the creation of an internal security operations centre. With full visibility across network services and application chains, SMEs can make the most efficient use of digital assets to realise business goals and strengthen their competitive positions.


Managing and maintaining a SIEM is a task for a team and many SMEs or enterprises experience some kind of challenges keeping the SIEM functional and relevant. ONESECURE's SIEM-as-a-service is a fully managed service based on RSA Netwitness Platform. You can now correlate logs from multiple sources and be alerted on potential threats without the need to worry about the operational tasks.

Behavior-based Intrusion Detection

Network perimeter protection has certainly increased in sophistication, making it more difficult to breach the perimeter, but cyber criminals have also become more sophisticated in the methods they use to break into networks and then cover their tracks to mask their activities. Once they manage to get past the perimeter, do you have the visibility to detect them and see what the bad actors are doing?

ONESECURE's Fully Managed Behavior-Based Intrusion Detection service is based on Accedian's Next-gen IDS that will help protect you against threats and behaviors that occur once a cyber criminal is able to breach the perimeter.

Webyith - Next Generation Defacement Monitoring Service

Webyith automatically polls the website using an actual browser at a periodic

interval and compares the source HTML, before and after it loads in a browser. Third

party resources that are called from the website to display contents are also checked

for changes. Multiple baselines can be captured by the tool to compare each fetch

with multiple baselines and a score will be given to reflect the amount of differences

for each poll.

Anti-Phishing Simulation, Education and Proactive Monitoring

ONESECURE's Anti-phishing suite consists of Simulation and Education modules that focuses on building that human firewall in customers' environment. In additional, we proactively monitors suspicious newly registered domains and take them down if there is a malicious intend.

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