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in Cybersecurity

Manage modern threats seamlessly with efficient solutions customised for your business

Our Story

ONESECURE Asia, a subsidary of Secura Group Ltd, is a Singapore-based cybersecurity company headquartered in Singapore, with a presence across Malaysia and Indonesia. Since 2008, ONESECURE Asia has been supporting various industry verticals with IT infrastructure and cyber security services. 

We are a global Top 250 Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) with a mission to protect, defend and provide bespoke cyber security services to keep your business safe.

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Managed services for your cybersecurity needs

Security Operations Centre

Have visibility & find threats on your network through a managed service

DDos Protection & Mitigation

Detect & protect your network & assets from DDoS attacks

Web Spoofing Detection

Ensure a safer environment for your stakeholders by taking down spoofing attempts

Website Defacement Monitoring

Be alert to changes on your websites to combat against defacement


Telecommunication industries are a target for cyber-attacks because they build, control and operate critical infrastructure that is widely used to communicate and store large amounts of sensitive data.


Greater integration needed for

Small and Medium–sized enterprises (SME) to adopt stringent cyber security measures to secure personal data they hold.


With the increase in remote learning and virtual lessons, cybersecurity has become a prominent concern for educational institutions who hold vast volume of sensitive information.


The vast growth in the

e-commerce platforms require stringent cyber measures to protect businesses and shoppers against security theft.

We Serve


Financial services companies including the insurance sector who possess sensitive client information make them highly desired targets for cyber criminals.

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One Solution, Secured Protection

Let us Protect Your Business

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the Leading Security Solutions Provider and a Trusted Partner of Choice in the region.

Our Mission

Information Security is crucial to your business infrastructure and we take immense pride to provide our clients with
best-of-class customisable range of services to suit your needs.


Each business has different concerns and challenges. We pride ourselves in listening and complementing your needs with our bespoke, proprietary solutions to protect your digital assets against cybercrime.

Recognised by Industry Experts

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