Securing your future


Welcome to Onesecure Asia Pte Ltd, the cybersecurity company. We are a team of like-minded and determined individuals, all sharing a desire to protect our customers' critical assets safe.
The global companies are now widely connected and dependency on that connection for business made them prone to cyber attacks. Modern threats are sophisticated and changes too fast for the companies' IT department to catch up. What modern companies need is a specialised cybersecurity team to audit, secure and monitor for these threats and stop them before they stop their businesses.
We believe that our security monitoring service that makes use of modern technology, skilled professionals and well-drilled processes has the potential to become an industry sensation, to dramatically disrupt the marketplace and generate serious buzz. We set out to change the industry as we know it, and we are doing just that.

How We Got Here


Founded in 2008, our incredible team of cybersecurity analysts worked tirelessly to bring Onesecure Asia Pte Ltd to the forefront of the cybersecurity world.
We have quickly transformed ourselves from a startup to a trusted advisor to many companies. We still maintain our startup mentality and strive to deliver exemplary service to keep our customers critical assets safe.

Technology, People and Process


Keeping your Infrastructure and Data Safe is ONESECURE's objective. Our main goal is to continue to find smart ways of using technology, training the best Security Analysts to protect your critical assets.

eSOC Security Monitoring empowers SMEs and Start-ups to gain insight into their operations without the cost of building a Security Operations Center internally. With eSOC cybersecurity monitoring, organizations can monitor, analyse and report on anything across numerous data sources and event types in real-time.

Institute of Internal Auditors

“Information is a significant component of most organizations’ competitive strategy either by the direct collection, management, and interpretation of business information or the retention of information for day-to-day business processing. Some of the more obvious results of IS failures include reputational damage, placing the organization at a competitive disadvantage, and contractual noncompliance. These impacts should not be underestimated.”




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