Our Story

From humble beginnings as a small startup in 2008 reselling Cybersecurity products to our current position as a leading high growth MSSP with more than 100 customers around Asia, our mission remains unchanged. Large or small, we are a trusted and reliable advisor to our customer's Cybersecurity requirements. 

ONESECURE Asia is headquartered in Singapore with an office in Malaysia.  Our regional reach will expand into 2 additional Southeast Asian countries in 2020.  Our team of 30 highly qualified Cybersecurity Analysts work around the clock in our 2 SOCs to keep our customers digital assets safe from domestic and international perpetrators. 

Our innovation department was started in 2018 to develop Cybersecurity solutions to address any critical security gaps faced by our diverse customer base.  As an example, Webyith was born in 2019 as a web defacement monitoring suite within our MSSP offering.  This new and exciting solution addresses the defacement challenges faced by our customers  and it now monitors more than 1000 unique URLs for accidental or malicious changes.

Our story continues into 2020 with a committed drive towards providing our customers with the best of breed tools to address our customer’s challenges of keeping their business safe.

As we aggressively grow, we will always be underpinned by our key principles of trust and never disappointing the faith our customers have put upon us to ensure their business is safe from hostile perpetrators.

Meet The Team

Edmund How

Founder and CEO

Edmund founded ONESECURE after stints with Westcon, Juniper Networks and Dimension Data. Edmund heads the Innovation and product strategy team. He enjoys listening to customers requirements and matching them to the right solutions.

Edmund holds a MBA from University of Southern Queensland and is an ex-EXCO member of the Association of Telecommunication in Singapore.

Steven Loh

Director of Technical Operations

Steven joined ONESECURE in 2011 and leads the Technical Operations. Steven is trained and certified in many areas of Cybersecurity in particular Anti-DDoS and network traffic analytics. He has 20 years of experience with designing and deploying Network Security Infrastructure for large enterprises and regional Telecommunications companies.