Cybersecurity monitoring Suite

eSOC Security Monitoring empowers SMEs and Start-ups to gain insight into their operations without the cost of building a Security Operations Center internally. With eSOC cybersecurity monitoring, organizations can monitor, analyse and report on anything across numerous data sources and event types in real-time.

Web Defacement Monitoring

Web defacement is a common cyber-attack on organizations’ websites. Defacement refers to the unauthorized change of the content either by an attacker or insider. When the website is being defaced by an attacker, it may contain unwanted messages or images, hyperlinks that redirects visitors to a malicious site or even contain malicious codes.

Webyith is a platform developed by ONESECURE's R&D team to detect unauthorised changes to your website. 

Webyith automatically polls the website using an actual browser at a periodic interval and compares the source HTML, before and after it loads in a browser. Third party resources that are called from the website to display contents are also checked for changes. Multiple baselines can be captured by the tool to compare each fetch with multiple baselines and a score will be given to reflect the amount of differences for each poll.

Network Cybersecurity monitoring

You can protect what you don't know. eSOC enhances your cybersecurity posture by capturing all machine data, analyze and allow you to visualize your network in a single plane dashboard. 

Key Benefits:

Capture all machine data, analyze and visualize

Monitor critical assets 24x7

Monitor access to critical information 24x7

Dashboard view of your infrastructure's cybersecurity events and threats

Integrated IDS and threat feeds for better threat detection

Proactive threat hunting finds threats that evaded the traditional defenses

Monitoring your Web Application

Web applications plays a vital role in the communication with you customers and web applications provide an important competitive advantage to companies who have a strong online presence. Unfortunately, they also give attackers another gateway into your critical assets and data.  Companies will need to monitor and differentiate against the good and the bad traffic. However, this is a task where most companies will not have the resources or expertise to do so. We, at Onesecure Asia, has developed a methodology and solution to monitor your web applications against any suspicious activities 24x7.

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